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Friday, October 17, 2008

why you cant forget someone?

have you ever been in situation, where you wanted to forget someone but you failed every time you try? the harder you try, the more pictures about him/her come to your mind. you found some other guy/girl, and like him. wish him help you forget your ex. but instead forgettin your ex, you remember him more. you just cant get rid of him. here i explain the reason for it. may be these are not accurate, but in a way you will find it true. If you still can’t forget about someone then most likely that one of the following will be the reason for that, read them well.

according to the psychology of falling in love if the best match mentioned above was found then for any reason the relation was terminated and someone else appeared in your life, you will always be in the mode of comparison between both, and the real problem is when the old one is a better match then the new one, in this case the new one will always lose the comparison and so you will feel that it would have been better if you were still with the old one.

  • another major cause is when you just seek someone else to fill the emotional gap that developed after the first break-up, the second person will only be playing the role of a pain killer, he may be someone nice, elegant and so on, but still he is not the one, he is just providing you with the emotional support that you need
  • one very common reason is when the person falls in love with someone who is a little similar to the old one, maybe he looks like him or maybe he talks the same way, whatever the reason is, your mind just falls in love with the other person because he is similar to the old one and so you unconsciously think that he may provide the same emotional support that the old one used to provide. In that case, comparison happens again and you will find that the old one still wins it.
  • abnormal relationship termination is another cause, abnormal relationship termination is when the other partner suddenly disappears, either by cutting down the connection between you and him or by traveling somewhere else and then refusing to talk to you or resume negotiation, in that case you may find yourself still attached to him just because you can’t get a hold of him

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