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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Motivation and Goal Setting

people need goal to reach their maximum potential. if you used to read motivation books, you must already known that success is all about reaching your maximum potential. the fact is, no one can achieve their dreams without setting a specific goals.

why would your mind bother to send you motivation signals while it finds that there is no reason for doing so. If you are going to sacrifice some of your resources like your time or your money you must have something big that you are after else you won't be motivated at all to do anything.

Not having goals is the worst thing someone can experience. Some people commit suicide because they don't know what to do here, they are bored and lost(sounds unlogic, but its true) Having goals makes your life challenging, full of events, and joy when you reach them.

It have been proven that people whom have written goals are much more motivated than people who don't have plans at all, simply because on writing your plan, you are telling your subconscious mind that you are serious about doing that activity so it will help you by making you motivated.

well, motivation and goal setting is a nice topic to be discussed, i have a lot of things to write. but im in real busy day now. i have to study for my final exam first then, i will share more with you about this topic soon.

recently, i talked about setting a SMART goal.
(P/S : i forgot to mention there, it is more efficient if you write it down than just setting it in your mind.)

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