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Saturday, October 18, 2008

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy(CBT)

i found this type of therapy is very easy to apply and it really works for me to recover from break up, for people dont know about this useful therapy, in this article i will explain it briefly
Cognitive Behavior Therapy idea is built on the assumption that your emotions are caused by your thoughts in addition to your perception of the external influence and so your behavior will be based upon your emotions, for example, if someone pointed a pistol at you, you will first think that if he did shoot then you are going to die which is perceived as a great danger and so you will feel afraid, so cognitive behavior therapy concept implies that it's your thoughts that causes you to feel afraid and not the external influence.

CBT is one of the fastest methods you could use to change many behavioral patterns and unwanted emotions by simply changing your thoughts. Some of your thoughts/emotions/behaviors can turn into a self reinforcing cycle that brings unwanted emotions into your life, for example, if you thought that you are a looser, and perceived this as something bad most probably you won't approach people the same way that you would have used if you didn't think you are a looser, and on approaching people that way, people may start to actually reject you, and so the belief of being looser gets reinforced.

What you can do here is use CBT concepts to break this cycle, by either questioning your irrational belief of being a looser or by acting as if you are not one. Both acts will break the cycle of reinforcement of the irrational belief. You can use CBT to deal with many unwanted behaviors like anger, anxiety, fear, being self conscious and even depression.

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