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Friday, October 17, 2008

why he pulled back?

in the previous articles i talked about the signs that some show when he likes you, so now i want to giving a reason, why someone that show all the signs make you feel that he likes you the suddenly pulled back? there are many reason behind this... have you ever been in situation as below:

Ever since the first time I met him, I felt that he was attracted to me somehow. Although I wasn’t sure of it, I just felt it. As the days passed he started to show more and more signs that he loved me until I was almost sure of it, however I still didn’t tell him that I felt the same.
Suddenly he changed and started to withdraw. I am really feeling bad and want to know why he did so. I want to know if he really loved me or if it was just my imagination. And if he did indeed love me, why is he pulling back now?

The previous paragraph is describing a frequent occurring event in our life: a guy approaches a girl, shows signs that he loves her then suddenly withdraws. Does this mean that he started to hate her? Of course not. Then what exactly happened? Below are the reasons for acting in such a way:

  • Receiving No Response: When someone shows many signs that he is in love with someone else without getting any response or similar signs, he will start to feel hurt. Because of his dignity, he will feel that he has offered himself but got no response and so he may try to pull back. Testing whether this was the reason or not is very simple: you just have to have enough courage to take a strong step towards him/her and see what their response will be. Usually this strong step will encourage him/her to resume the positive signs again.
  • Feeling that he/she Revealed too Much: This reason could be a special case of the one above. In that case, the person feels that he showed how he felt too much in a short period of time even though he is still not sure about the feelings of the other person, so as a counter measure he starts to pull back and even show negative signs, hoping to wipe the effect of previous behaviour.
  • Feeling Victorious: Some guys and girls have the habit of pulling back when they feel that the other person has fallen for them. Usually guys do this more, they just like the hunting game and so the excitement ends when they feel that the other person has fallen for them.
  • Getting Programmed by Friends: Any guy or girl who goes through these experiences usually tells them to all of his close friends in order to know their opinion about it. If that person was not confident enough about the situation, his friends could easily convince him that she does not like him and that the way she treats him is a normal way that carries no hidden meanings. This convinces him of her indifference and so he starts to pull back

The worst situation that could ever happen is when both love each other, yet both start to withdraw because of doubts. This ends the relationship before it even begins, even though both loved each other!!!

My advice to avoid all these problems is simple: know that in many situations (like the above-mentioned ones) the person could pull back a little. You shouldn’t be affected by these pull backs, you just need to keep a record of the positive signs and accumulate them. Once you feel that you have seen enough to be confident of his/her feelings towards you, be brave and tell him/her.

I know you may be afraid to do that because of any negative signs you have seen from them, but the truth is, when both positive and negative signs appear together you should just disregard the negative signs , because the person may force himself to act this way for a number of reasons but will not be able to prevent his subconscious mind from dropping a true sign every time you approach him/her again.

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