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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

why public speaking scares us?

well, tomorrow morning i have a presentation. its been a long time since the last time i spoke to the public, about 6 months ago. to be honest, im not a good public speaker. in fact, speaking in front of public is one of the things that im afraid of. now, im doing law and of course i must have good public speaking skills. although, im bad at it but i have a dream to give a speech to hundreds or thousands important people one day:) as we all know, dreams mean nothing without positive attitude, and problem will not be solved by trying to avoid it.

in order to solve a problem; first, we must find the reasons that caused the problem. i believe a lot of people fear of public speaking as much as i do. so im going to tell what are the reasons that caused this fear, so that together we can overcome this. usually your fear is caused by one of these reasons:

  • you are afraid to get embarrassed, to forget what are you going to say or that you mispronounce some word.
  • the second reason is just a conclusion that is based on the first one, you are afraid that people will laugh at you, whisper to each other while you are talking or get bored of what are you saying
  • you are afraid that people may notice that you were afraid, sweating and shaky while talking
  • you are afraid that people will think that you are not a good public speaker, not a confident person or even not a worthy person in case you didn’t perform well
  • you are afraid that people think that you are less confident than you used to appear

maybe your fear is not caused by one of those five reasons. there are some other reasons; if you are a student then your fear may be caused by your lecturer rudeness, or may be there is a guy in the class that makes you uncomfortable etc. but those five reasons that i mentioned above is the root to you fear. tell me if you find other reason.

i used to convince my self, logically that no need to be fear(these people will not eat me lol) but it only succeeded at the beginning, the longer i speak the more uncomfortable i feel. why this method fail? this is because the fear is launched by your subconscious mind and it is difficult to handle manually.


y a t t y: said...

sy kn,..slalu je tkot nk present sbb sy maluuuuuuuuu..malu sbb rmai sgt org tgk sy..hehee..klo bleh xnk ade presentation dlm idop ni.xsuke xsuke!

headed to nowhere said...

haha.. nt sy post lagi pasal ni, mesti awk xmalu dh bile org tgk..saya pn malu gak dulu.

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