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Monday, October 20, 2008

some tips before final exam

i think all people know this, our life need goals; long term or short term. specifically this post for students that are waitin for their final exam. I believe its not too late for you to set a goal for your 'comin soon' final exam. if you are an uitm student, you still got about 10 days. anything can happened within this period of time. im goin to share some tips in setting short term goal. it is not only for your final exam but also for you entire life. people know that they should have goals in life, but how to set SMART goals? here are some tips:

  • Specific : A goal should be specific and not vague. An example of a vague goal is like writing “I want to get a good result”. What do you mean by the word good? get 3pointer or just pass all papers? you should make it more specific.
  • Measurable ; If your goals were not specific then most likely they wont be measurable. In order for a goal to become measurable you must have some kind of indicator that you can use to track your achievements. For example if your goal is to get CG 3.5 then it’s a measurable goal.
  • Achievable: Your goal should not be very easy to achieve so that you feel like fooling yourself nor it should be very difficult so that you fail to achieve it. The goal should be challenging enough to let you use most of your resources to reach it yet it shouldn’t be an impossible goal. you should know your potential, if you got low marks for test or assignment, your carry marks are 15/40 then your goal is to get four flat.. is it possible for you?
  • Realistic: The goal should be realistic, and what’s meant by realistic is that it should be something that can be done by a normal human being.
  • Timely: Unless you set deadlines for your goals you will never become motivated to start working on them. Setting the deadline is the signal that your mind needs in order to start cooperating with you towards reaching your goals.
urmm.. i set my goal, how about you?


narsimha said...


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y a t t y: said...

tips2 tsebut amat berguna wat sy..
bsemangat sy membacanye..:)

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