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Saturday, October 18, 2008

the deadline: final exam! start study now!

urmm.. time is running out, the clock ticks fast. most of the student at this state of time will stress, arghh! still not study!.. i got too much to study!, i dont even understand a single things! paper for this sem is difficult! im afraid i will fail!etc.. we always listen to such lines every night and day near the final exam. but you know the amazing thing is? most people saying such words before they start to study. they say, im not ready yet, im waiting for the mood to come... actually the mood will never come if you keep saying im waiting for the mood to study. it will only come when you are in real pressure.

for instance, 5 days before the paper.. you say, i feel like dont have any mood today. i will start study tomorrow. then tomorow, your friends ask you to watch movie, bowling etc. you go with them. at night you tired, but you still want to study so you take a book readin it for a while and feel sleepy ;your mind say, urmm there is still time: tomorrow! tomorrow you sit at the desk reading books but there are so much noise from your friends and the TV, they distract you and attract you to join them. urmm, only for a while.. there is still tomorrow. im not in the mood today:) so tomorrow, 2 days before the paper you dont have enough time to think about the mood anymore. you are under real pressure. so you study the whole night without having the mood to study.

you can make your own decision when to study, but if you waiting for the mood it will never come. so dont delay your study. you know what, thinking the reason not to study is tiresome, more than studying itself.


darkk25 said...

dude.. are u wrote all this post?
u r English is marvelous. i really impress. :ThumbsUp:

headed to nowhere said...

haha.. not all actually, i edited some of them from other sources.. btw, thnx.. keep readin'

y a t t y: said...

my english is more maveless lorrhh..:P

:terasa lak ble bc yg awk tulis ni:|

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