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Saturday, October 18, 2008

positive song that motivates you

last article i wrote about song that reminds you about your ex, and your failure at the past that make you feel even worse. i review the lyrics of my 'my immortal' by Evanescence, the negative lyrics that it contains givin you negative messages, and make your break up recovery process stuck and became slower. i also encourage you to listen to songs that will motivates you, give you new hope/spirit to make you become stronger. so here i recommend; "Stand My Ground" from the Band "Within Temptation". i include the lyrics here, hear the song yourself, understand the lyrics and i hope you can feel the differences.

I Can See
When You Stay Low
Nothing Happens
Does It Feel Right?
Late At Night
Things I Thought I'd Put Behind Me
Haunt My Mind

I Just Know There's No Escape Now
Once It Sets It's Eyes On You
But I Wont Run
Have To Stare It In The Eyes

Stand My Ground
I Won't Give In
No More Denying
I've Gotta Face It
Won't Close My Eyes And Hide The Truth Inside
If I Don't Make It, Someone Else Will
Stand My Ground..

may be it doesn't work to to motivates you, but its better than listening to song that bringing you down deeper and deeper.. but if it works, leave me a comment. if you dont know this song, the easiest way is find it at you tube of course..

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