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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Self Discipline.

What is Self Discipline? self discipline is controlling your self and mastering your emotions in such a way that you may prevent yourself from doing something that you like for the sake of a future benefit , for example preventing yourself from online or watching Tv in order to have a good result in your exam. self discipline is positive attitude that we must have in order to reach our goals. if you had studied Economy before, you must be familiar with the term 'opportunity cost'. it is almost the same, if we want to get something we must sacrifice something. in short, self-discipline is going against your emotions and desires so that you can reach your goals.

Developing self-discipline can be done by practice, so the more you resist your emotions and take unemotional decisions the more disciplined you will become. Similarly, the more you let your emotions control the decisions you take, the weaker your self-discipline will become. You must build your discipline on an activity by activity basis and not in a general form. However, although your activities are separate, they still affect each other.

Simply put, developing self-discipline will let you achieve the goals that you have set yourself regardless of any other factors. Even though different situations and external circumstances will affect your mood, your emotions play no role in your decision making because you are disciplined. In addition to that, think of all the bad habits that you could kick if you develop and increase your self-discipline.

however, i know developing self discipline is far tougher than setting a goal itself. thats why i said, practice, practice, more practice. me myself not a self disciplined person in many things, self discipline is not a talent, it comes when together with work hard, determination, and willingness to sacrifice.

why am i writing this? just want to motivate myself to study;)

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