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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Why Hard Life Simple Mind?

I should write this on October 18, when i started this blog. 3 months a go i got a blog titled brain stew(no longer existed) because some technical problem i had in changing it's layout. It was a lost for me because, i got #1 position and appeared in first page in Google Search for my targeted keywords, with the fact that i never knew what SEO is, i only realized it when i deleted the blog. I found this blog still hard to appear in first page of Google Search.

Hard life but Simple Mind

Why i named this blog hard life simple mind? Our life is hard, there are a lot of problem, small or big. in fact, sometimes we do not realize that some matters will cause us problem. In love or relationship for instance, there are many many problem can arise without we notice, such as openness and honesty:
we may think that. being honest is enough, just tell the truth when your partner ask and not lying to them is sufficient in safeguarding your relationship, read my article about it and you will know why, honesty alone is not enough. If you are an over sensitive person, you may get hurt easily by the people words, but the sad thing is you did not realize that you are an over sensitive person. So were the people around you, they may not realize that they are dealing with an over sensitive person, that their criticism will give the over sensitive person a hard-to-heal-emotional wound. Read my article about over sensitivity to find out more. You may think that your life is as smooth as yopu plan, but sometimes it is not. i share a lot of tips, to overcome your problem in life and make you realize that sometimes a small issue may cause you big problem.
Why mind is simple? i read about and practice mind power a lot. I just found that our mind is really simple, friendly to the user, but at the same time very powerful. Once i watched a David Blaine program, he said he only used 17% of his mind power to stay in cold water. In a research i read, most people only use not more than 10% of it's full capacity. what happened if we use 100%? can you imagine? Why your mind is simple but powerful? If you asked the most successful person in your place, What do we need to be successful? Most of them will answer your desire,determination, confidence and believe in your self etc, the almost same answers always. They will never give an answer such as; you need a degree/master/phd or money or supportive family or talent etc.
So where the desire,determination, and believe come from? YOUR MIND! It's very simple but your mind can be the source of everything. Just think big and positive i believe there's is always something for you, if not money or rank may be it's happiness. Very simple isn't?

However you must remember, aw what John C. Maxwell, a famous writer in his book, Your Road Map for Success, said, A person with positive attitude but have no dreams will be stagnant and never develop in life, but a person with dreams but have no positive attitude will only be a daydreamer.

Hard life Simple Mind

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