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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Life Of An Over Sensitive Person

Over sensitive people are more likely to have bad moods, to get depressed and to be moody because their mode changes whenever any small event happen. An emotionally sensitive person is like a fragile person, or a person who is labeled "handle with care". The biggest problem is that people don't have enough knowledge sometimes to realize that they are dealing with an emotionally sensitive person and so they may cause him lots of pain without realizing this. A good thing that you can do in this case is to use the technique called "locking the emotions" in order to extend the periods of feeling happy. This technique is based on a realistic assumption which implies that a great number of mood swings happen simply because we tend to persistently search and dig until we find something that makes us feel bad. So, stop doing that.

In a relationship, Over sensitive people have hard time getting over the persons they loved simply because they feel the pain that results from a breakup in an exaggerated way. In my past articles about recover from break up i told you how small actions like stopping listening to romantic songs, burning the old pictures and preventing yourself from visiting the places you both used to go to together can help you recover fast even if you were an over sensitive person.

In daily life, over sensitive person may easily get emotional wound that is very difficult to be healed. For instance, if you tried to put some water on a fresh wound you will feel pain, that’s because when we develop a wound we tend to become over sensitive to factors that didn’t use to harm us before, And the same goes with emotional wounds, being rejected by people around you, lacking self confidence and having self image problems are all examples of unhealed wounds that can make you over sensitive to things that others just don’t notice.

However, there are still many good criterias for an over sensitive person that others should know, first he feels people’s suffering more than anyone else and so in most cases he tends to be a nice and friendly person. If you know how not to hurt a sensitive relationship partner then he will be a very good choice, emotionally sensitive people are the least problematic persons around. In addition, emotionally sensitive people usually have creative abilities which sometimes make them excel at arts or poetry.

In sum, There are many ways that can help you deal with your over sensitivity but most of them root to one source, changing your way of thinking and your perception of situations. After all if you are over sensitive you wont feel bad when being hurt unless you have perceived the situation that happened as a bad one, if you managed to change your way of thinking you will be able to reap the benefits of emotional sensitivity and avoid its drawbacks. i wish to discuss more about how to deal with your emotional sensitivity in my next article.

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