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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dealing With Your Emotional Sensitivity

How to deal with your emotional sensitivity? If you feel sad because your emotional sensitivity is causing you much pain in your life, you may get relieved to know that it's very easy to use the advantages of being overly sensitive while the same time increating barriers that can diminish the disadvantages of being over sensitive.

First of all, do you know that being overly sensitive makes you have the following:

  • Increased empathy: have you ever felt sad without any apparent reason by just sitting with someone who was sad? do you feel depressed when just sitting beside a depressed person even if he didn't talk? Probably yes and this is because you have increased empathy, you can know how people around you feel without having them say that.Empathic ability is a normal ability that each human being have but the overly sensitive person have got much higher advantage in using this ability.
  • You will experience happiness more than the normal person experiences it because emotions get deeper to you than other people
  • Usually sensitive people are very creative and that what can make you excel in your career or even make you develop good habits like drawing or writing poetry. Lots of artist are sensitive people
  • Experiencing religious related emotions may be higher for the sensitive person than its for people whom are not sensitive, this may cause the emotionally sensitive person to commits to religious activities,to become more connected to religion relative to others or even end up as a religious leader
All of the previous were the advantages you have as an emotionally sensitive person over others, now onto how to make your sensitivity have a minimal impact on your life:
  • First of all know that the words that can hurt an emotionally sensitive person does not hurt unless he views those words as insulting, or as having the meaning that he is an unworthy person. So by changing your view of the criticism you receive can reduce your response much to being criticized. For example, when someone tells you that you didn't play well today at the match, this doesn't mean that you are a bad player, this doesn't mean you are a failure and this doesn't mean you are worthless! It's not the words that did hurt you, it's the meaning that you did tie to the words.
  • This brings us to point two, what can cause your view of the criticism you receive to be that bad? Usually its your negative self talk, negative self talk are the words or the phrases that you use while thinking. example of negative self talk phrases are "I know why he said so, because I am a looser" or "I knew that I am not up to the standard that's why she told me so". Lacking self-confidence is one of the major factors that can make you have a negative self talk and so get hurt by anything that you hear. By building self confidence and changing your negative self talk, you won't be removing your sensitivity but instead you will be changing your perspective of what you hear and of criticism and so you won't get hurt.
  • Giving up perfectionism, perfectionism is the way of thinking that considers life is perfect and that you should be perfect in turn, based on that you may think that all people should praise you, that everyone should say good and encouraging words to others, that everyone is kind .....etc. This kind of thinking causes you to get hurt whenever you find that life is not as you expected. Face the reality and know that perfectionism is a bad and unrealistic of thinking .
  • Finally you can use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT ) to change your method of thinking and so avoid triggering your sensitivity. CBT is a method of therapy that is very easy to apply, it's based on the concept that your emotions are triggered because of your way of thinking and so by changing your thoughts you prevent triggering those unwanted emotions.(i had written on CBT last month, find it, very useful one)
i hope this article will help any over sensitive person out there, just believe in yourself and change the way of thinking and can be really helpful, i strongly suggested that you use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy(CBT) as it really easy and efficient.


abie said...

Glad to discover your site! I have added you on my blog roll! I must admit I'm an overly sensitive person.

Your article is very much helpful!
Keep up the good work! Continue to write article. I'm really into changing some of the not so good attitude of being an overly sensitive person.Thanks much!

headed to nowhere said...

well, thanks 4 the comment.. i used to be one of those people that should be handled with care too, but from day to day, i have improved a lot.

anyway,please leave your Blog Url if you read this. so that i can visit yours.

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