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Friday, November 7, 2008

Dealing With Your Over Sensitive Friend

I have discussed about over sensitive person and how to deal with your own emotional sensitivity. What if, you are not over sensitive but may be your friend, partner, parent or people that important to you are over sensitive? As i told you over sensitive persons are fragile and must ' handle with care', they may not beat you if you not handle them with care( hurt them) this is because most of over sensitive person hate physical approach or violence very much. One fact that you should know that their emotional wound are hard to be healed, they may hate you for a long time, may be forever if they are an extreme over sensitive person;)
If you have an over sensitive partner and you didn’t get the idea that he is over sensitive many problems may arise, and this relation could even end up with your partner being broken.

If you want to win the over sensitive person as a friend or if you want to keep your relation going on with your over sensitive partner then follow these guidelines whenever you communicate with him/her:

  • never be harsh: the over sensitive will do his best to avoid harsh people, if you do shout a lot or if you are a little violent in dealing with people then make sure that you wont get along with the over sensitive.
  • make minimal critic comments: well I didn’t say avoid criticism at all because I know that sometimes it becomes a must however do your best not to be constantly criticising the over sensitive person, the more you criticize him the more he will avoid you.
  • never use physical violence: when it comes to violence in physical activities the over sensitive will not only do his best to avoid you but he may hate you too, even if this violence were some sort of kidding still the over sensitive hates using hands or legs even when playing.
  • be a nurturing partner: the more kind and nurturing you will be the more you will be loved by the over sensitive person.
  • be more Romantic: the over sensitive thinks with his emotions when it comes to relationships, the more romantic you become the more the over sensitive will love you.
How to know that your friend is an over sensitive person? Other than finding your partner getting annoyed frequently because of small causes and other than finding him hating criticism, he/she may excel in art or poetry.


Joey said...

thanks for the tips, i will apply them to my gf( she is super sensitive)haha..
check out my URL..I'll give u tips too;)

Anonymous said...

I think I am over sensitive too. I didn't realize it until now, and I'm 44! When I was a kid, bullies could sense it and would harrass me until I cried. This lasted from age 6 to 14, making my life miserable. You know the saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" Well, to a sensitive person, the saying is "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words break my heart."

Since I didn't know I was overly sensitive, I just assumed everyone else felt like me. When I married, I assumed my wife would want to be my best friend, treating me politely, exploring many fun activities, being creatively romantic and passionate, and rarely arguing openly. But I was devastated when she began yelling at me and turning away from physical contact. I would never have treated her so rudely and couldn't imagine why anyone would treat their beloved so badly. Maybe many spouses suffer this and live with it, but for an overly sensitive person, it was almost too much for me to bear, but on the other hand, as an overly sensitive person I also desperately wanted her love and affection, thus I stuck with the torture for 10 years before divorcing her.

When I remarried, I made sure my 2nd wife liked physical affection and loved me for a couple of years before we married. However, after we were married a couple of years, she too lost most of her physical desire for me--a common problem for many couples, but, again, tragic for a romantic, sensitive person. It's been another 6 years now, and I'm contemplating a 2nd divorce and a life without commitment, but instead just having a girlfriend until she loses her desire for me, and then finding another, because it seems the only alternative to an empty, meaningless, passionless life without romance.

I wish I'd known I was different than other people long ago. Then I'd have searched for a lover knowing what I needed to be happy, and preventing years of pain for me and for my 2 wives.

headed to nowhere said...

It was a tragic story of you. I'm sorry to read that but life goes man. At least you have learned something.
I used to be an over sensitive person myself but now i changed a lot. You should change too, it's hard at first to stop being sensitive but make it slowly and i know you will succeed.
One more thing man, when a girl says that she likes a man that sensitive.. she actually lied. Most girls will easily get bored having relationship with an over sensitive partner. I really want to help you; your life and gettin a girl.. hope you can send me an E-mail.

have a Nice life!

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