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Saturday, November 8, 2008

First Step In Becoming More Confidence

What is the first step should be taken to be more confidence of yourself? I'm not giving any tips in this post, but i want to share a story of Noel, one of my Email pal about the first times he received a huge dose of self-confidence. i believe you will find something in his story.

I remember one of the first times I received a huge dose of

I was a shy kid and never raised my hand in class. Without
fail, my teachers would mention this on my report card and
during parent teacher conferences.

One teacher even insisted on a reward system. Every time I
raised my hand in class she'd give me a plastic coin. After
accumulating a certain number of them, my mom bought me a
stuffed dog.

That all changed in fifth grade. My teacher was a
laid-back, caring woman from New Zealand. I loved her
accent and always felt at ease in her presence.

On my report cards she didn't give me low marks in the
class participation section. I can still remember the
relief I felt...even more, I felt proud of myself.

Knowing that a teacher was OK with my personality the way
it already was gave me significantly more confidence.

Accepting yourself for who you are...rather than for who
you wish you a necessary first step toward
becoming more confident.

It's nice when at least a few people in your life can help
give you a boost, like my teacher did.

But even if they don't, remember that people only have as
much power over you as you let them.

Don't give your power to others.

See yourself as significant and worthy.

You're as good as anyone else.

So how's the story? You are as good as anyone else! just believe it.. my advice here is maybe you should believe that you can do something better than anyone else! Like Mohamad Ali words,' I'm The King Of the World' why he said so each time he won a match? just to boost his spirit and confidence.

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