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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Over Sensitive person

people should know if they are over sensitive type of person, some people that i have known trying to pretend to be tough, but deep inside they are very sensitive emotionally. they got hurt easily, thats the fact. those people that emotionally sensitive have trained themselves, i praised them for that. you know what, i used to be very sensitive in the past but from time to time I'm getting tougher. that's always my mind that help me to overcome this. For all the people that emotionally sensitive, First you must realize and accept the fact that you are over sensitive, and that your over sensitivity is unwanted in your life. only by doing so you can be tougher then, as i told you so many times to overcome a problem you must know the reason first.

Some people do not realize that they are over sensitive, they thought their emotions are stable and normal. Let me help you to find if you are over sensitive or not, just answer the questions below;

  • Do you get hurt by some words or comments that are told to you about your personality?
  • are you unable to tolerate criticism?
  • Do you hate loud noise or loud music?
  • Do you feel other people's pain and suffering more than anyone else?
  • Are you slim or your body is smaller in size than peers?
  • Do you stop for more than three minutes when you see an accident on the street in order to watch?
  • Do you find it very high to tolerate high or low temperatures?
  • Do you find it very hard to gain muscles by working out?
  • Do you have lots of mood swings as a result of small events?
If your answer were yes to some of the previous questions then probably you are an over sensitive person. The life of an over sensitive person is much different than the life of other people, simple because the over sensitive person feels the pain in an exaggerated way and so has problems tolerating it. the over sensitve person forms anchor faster than anybody else, for example if he had a real bad experience in a place than his hometown , after he gets back he may hate the place as a whole because in that case he anchored the pain he felt to the place.

A book that i read defined over sensitivity as being over affected by an external influence that can hardly affect normal people, for example not being able to tolerate Constructive criticism that other people normally tolerate.

i got a lot to share under this topic as sometimes to the extent of a frustrating event, i still got hurt easily.. need more training i guess;)

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