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Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Easiest Way To Get Self Confidence

I got this tip from my Email sent by Noel, i publish his story in my previous post. He give me a tip to be more confidence, about self image, and I'm sharing it here, thats what the tips suppose to; help people!

Your self-image is the mental blueprint you have of

This blueprint lays the foundation for where you are going
in life.

You won't be able to rise any higher than your self-image,
so this is the place to begin, so that you will have enough
confidence to move forward in your life.

If your confidence is low right now, it's sometimes easier
to focus on your outer self in order to improve your inner
self and get more confidence.

Take a look at your wardrobe. If you usually dress very
casually or even sloppily, try to upgrade.

If you always wear jeans, wear some black pants once in a

If your shoes are very scuffed and dirty, get some new ones.

If you are female and never wear a dress, consider getting
a comfortable everyday dress and try wearing it once a week.

Even making a small improvement in your wardrobe will boost
your confidence; people will notice and compliment you.

Another thing is to improve your physical surroundings.

No, you don't have to start subscribing to Martha Stewart's
magazine. But if you take care to have a tidy desk, you
will feel more at ease and be more productive, which will
boost your confidence.

Set aside half a day or an entire day if you need to and
purge the clutter in your immediate surroundings.

Clean out your car too if necessary.

All of these suggestions are things you can do instantly.

They require little or no money; they don't demand that you
first lose weight or get in shape.
Look for other instant ways to improve your surroundings
and your world.

well, i guess you got to have more self discipline to practice the tips, but it's easy and practical. What do you think about the tip?


Y A T T Y said...

i become more confident after read this..


Y A T T Y said...

u've been tagged!

get it from my blog..

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