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Monday, November 10, 2008

why do things never work for you?

why you always fail? disappointed? you try very hard but still didn't reach your goal.. well, i just want to share stories of great peoples that learn from their failure to get more..

Thomas Edison failed nine hundred ninety nine times before he succeeded at inventing the lamp. On the 1000th trial!!! When he was asked how he managed to continue trying in spite of failing all those times, he told them: "Whenever it didn't work, I would never say that I failed. I just say that I've found another incorrect way to make the lamp".

Another story regarding sports, it was previously thought that a man can never run a mile in less than 4 minutes. That belief was there for years, that no one ever dared to doubt its correctness. That was until Roger Banister proved that this was not true, by running a mile in less than 4 minutes. Just after that in the same year another 37 runners broke the record, followed by hundreds later.
What's interesting here is that if anyone of those runners had tried hard enough before Banister, he could have done it. But they all gave up to the belief and didn't try enough times because they thought trying was useless in this case. "Why bother with something impossible ?" they thought.

More examples: Henry Ford lost all of his fortune 6 times, and each time he did bounce back and rebuild his empire.
Walt Disney's idea of creating a cartoon character called "Mickey Mouse" was rejected more than 5 times, until he managed to find someone who supported the idea and then Mickey came to life.
English novelist John Creasey got 753 rejection slips before he published 564 books.

Actually, i feel very bad because earlier today i failed to answer my exam paper according to what i'd expected. i didn't know how to answer a question that should be given me 30 marks. That caused a lot to my result, i don't even sure whether i can pass that paper or not. i was totally disappointed that's why i read stories about people that learn from their past failure, i hope i can learn something from this mistake. Billy Lim, Writer of the book Dare To Fail said, 'you will never be successful unless you had experienced the failure.' Think about it!


Jade said...

This post reminds me of a time when I was first learning to ride..

I have always liked- to be honest loved- horses. Yet at one time, those "huge, wild beats" used to frighten the life out of me. My parents signed me up for riding lessons, which I had mixed feelings about. The instructor was able to pick up on my fear from the first lesson, but she wasn't going to give up that easily. When I fell, up on the horse's back I went again, thanks to her persistence. Today, thanks to her, riding is one of the activities I enjoy most.

Failures are unavoidable for anyone who wants to get out there and live. They show up in every part of life, it seems. People who don't have failures (or many of them), or mistakes, tend to lead subdued lives.

Nice post. :)

Blog Administrator said...

Thank to comment on my blog: . You are the only one that comment. :). It seems that i was right and people like you (read blog/comment) is very rare.
PS: You should chose some new layout. Your page is broken when i visit your blog.

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