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Friday, January 2, 2009

what was your fault?

I know how it feels when you put high hopes on someone then you get disappointed.
I know how painful it is to lose all of your hopes in one second or in single moment.
I know how can a relation be to someone before its just lost that way.

But do you know why did you get disappointed in such relationship? You got disappointed because you were confident, you got disappointed because you thought that you deserve what you were going after, you got disappointed because you were having good expectations, you thought she/he will always be there for you. You got hurt because you were very confident that all the things that your partner promised you is true. you feel stupid because you believed she/he more that your own self. what was your fault that cause you to suffer all the pains? Over Confident.

Just think of it, in case that you were one hundred percent sure that you won’t get it, would you have felt disappointed? Off course not, only the confident gets disappointed in relationships.

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