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Monday, January 5, 2009

How To Forget Someone That You Really Love? (part I)

People said, "Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop."But are tears enough to chase away the pain of a break up?Most of us have been there. Some of us are there. And for sure, many of us will be there in the future. When the person you are in love with suddenly leaves you, you may think that your whole identity is shattered, and that you will never recover from the pain - but keep in mind, the sun will rise again, sooner or later.

After my first break up, i read a lot of articles about psychology of love. I understand that, its not our heart that control love but our mind. But i do not really believe in this until i experienced my second break up recently. Actually i'm still in the break up process. After my first break up, i got really disappointed, sad and painful, it drove me almost crazy. But i did not hate her, instead i decided to get her back because i believed that all the bad things that happened were my fault. That was my mistake. I managed to get her back and i believed confidently that she will never leave me again. i was wrong, tho' i did my best she still went away for that second time. It is worse than the first even i keep pretending that i'm ok with it. i tried to get her back for a couple of weeks and it was making me feel more terrible. Now, i decided to forget her! besides, there are a lot of girls waitin for me out there;)

I give my self three days to accept positively what had happened and a week to fully recover. I wrote my story above as the first step to accept this break up. Then i will go through break up recovery process.Read the process here in my previous article: Recover from break up.

In my next Article i will continue to write about this. I believe that as i continue writing about this i can help many people out there that still wasting time crying for nothing; and for my self, i really hope 3days will be enough for me;)

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