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Thursday, January 22, 2009

How To Forget Someone That You Really Love? (part III)

You were walking down the street, nothing was unusual and then suddenly she came out from a nearby shop and it happened that you fell in love with her at first sight! Huhh!! What happened?!!
The answer is simple, its all related to how your mind works. If you are single or currently not involved in a relationship, your mind will always be on a hunt for your long awaited partner, even if you think that you don't care about that now, if someone did match your criteria then you will fall in love with them. In order to forget someone that you really love you must understand the main reasons for people falling in love. i have discussed this in my previous article, read it here.

Does love comes straightly from our heart? no, it comes from our mind and when it involves mind that means we still can control it. when a person get dumped by his/her partner, terrible feeling can't be avoided. we can't forget someone that we spending years of our life time just in 3 days as i said before, but we can accept the truth and no longer feel terrible by understanding more about love and break up and change our way of thinking. If we really want then we will surely can;) In my articles i will not give same old tips that people keep telling you in order to forget someone/recover from break up such as; spending more time with your friends, stop listening to sad song, keep busy, or express your feeling by crying.. bla bla etc. i guess all of you know that and so do i, but it still take a long time for me to fully recover.

In this 3rd article i will tell you a shocking reality that most of us may not be aware of, LOVE IS LIKE DRUG, it makes people addicted to it and that's why most of us hard to recover when experiencing a break up. Do you believe me? urmm, why people keep taking drug once they tried it? it is because they do not like their normal state of feeling.. and when they got 'high or stone' they feel relief and be more happy. isn't it? Love will do the same for you. Once you in a relationship you will be happy in that relationship and when you get dumped you will feel sad, terrible, dissapointed, angry etc just like a drug addict when they dont get their doses;) however, i guess love/relationship addiction is the safest addiction.

why do i get addicted to the relation?

Getting addicted to a relationship involves getting addicted to any of the following items:

  • Getting addicted to the chemical Phenylethylamine (PEA) which is the chemical generated when experiencing love and it’s the chemical responsible for the feelings of excitement you feel when you are in a relation. being down or having problems makes the PEA tastes so sweet and so you can easily get addicted to it. Doesn't it sound like drugs?;)
  • getting addicted to the nurturing you are receiving from your partner (finding someone who cares about you, asks about you …etc)
  • getting addicted to exchanging phrases like "I love you" or "i cant live without you"
It's my story and what i have understand about love but by understanding this i only need one day to accept a break up, 3days to get over her and 1 week to fully recover tho i'd been spending three years loving her. If you want to recover from break up faster too, you need not to apply all the same old tips that people told you. believe me, I've tried them and they didn't work. what you must do is read all my articles about forget someone that you love and change your perspectives of love and break up;)

p/s: If you want to forget someone, you must really really want to forget him/her. Throw or delete all the things that reminds you about her. but if you think there are still chances to work out again, you may try. Gud Luck!

Hard life Simple mind.


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Anuja said...

Interesting ideas on how to forget someone that you really love. But why bother to try and forget? Take all the happy memories from the relationship that was, dump the baggage, and move on. Cry for a few days if you must, binge on ice cream if you must, but MOVE ON.

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